Creating Communication’s April Focus: Delivery


March was a month about design here at Creating Communication!  March primarily focused on creating effective visual presentation, so please go back and learn about the 7 Deadly Visual Design Sins as well as how to train yourself to think like a designer.

April will be focused on absolute favorite leg of Jim Endicott’s “presentation stool” … delivery!  Delivery is an all too often ignored part of presentation because people foolishly believe you either have it or you don’t.  I think strong delivery is something that can be developed, and I think every single one of us possess the ability to deliver a presentation effectively.  How do I know?  I’ve seen my students drastically transform from terrible to talented in only one month.  If they grew that much in a month, imagine how charismatic they might be if they practiced public speaking every day for a year… five years… ten years?!  It’s why I love presentation so much: there is no limit to how amazing you can be.

What elements of delivery would you like to see covered during the month of April?  What is your delivery strength?  Your delivery weakness?


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