Chi Omega 2012 National Convention


This week has been full of exciting surprises!  On Wednesday morning, I received a call asking if I wanted to step into the Recruitment Advisor position for Rollins College’s Upsilon Beta chapter of Chi Omega.  Of course, I said “yes,” as I am eager to help where and how I am most needed.

That “yes” quickly turned into a “YES!!!” when I was asked to attend the 2012 Chi Omega National Convention in Phoenix, Arizona in July.  I’ve never been to Convention, so the thought of an all expenses paid summer trip to learn and grow as an advisor makes me the most excited Chi O in Central Florida this week!

While at Convention, I’m so excited to learn through the following recruitment-focused workshops:

  • “Target Practice: Hitting the Bullseye” to develop a “target” potential new member
  • “The Unshatterable Brand: Sharing Your Chapter’s Message”
  • “Making a Connection: The Art of Conversation” for best recruitment practices
  • “Creating the Chi Omega Experience” specifically for pref night
  • “From Bullseye to Bid Day: Increasing the Effectiveness of Member Selection”
I’ve also heard that Convention will be in my neck of the woods next time… Any truth to the Orlando 2014 rumor?

Do you have any amazing summer events planned?


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