Delivery Lesson Seven: Mastering the Pause



Public speaking is uncomfortable, but the more you practice, the better you’ll be.  Similarly, the pause is an uncomfortable tool to add to your delivery arsenal, but the more you practice, the better you’ll be.  So how can you incorporate pause in your speech delivery?  Watch the video above.

Do you pause?  How did you work through those uncomfortable feelings?


One thought on “Delivery Lesson Seven: Mastering the Pause

  1. Thanks Alex – this is a great video. Nice to see him demonstrate! (Sadly, his website was down when I tried it today.)

    To answer your questions, I do try to pause (for a few seconds or so), and as you say, one of the main ways to get more comfortable with it is simply to get more experience (i.e. practice).

    I also find it helpful to do Amy Cuddy-style “power poses” before speaking, and I know both you and I have featured video of her on our blogs.

    A while back Decker Communications offered some simple, practical tips on pausing too, which I wrote about here:
    When you speak, how often and how long should you pause? Best answer: “Try 1-2-3”

    Another tip I recommend to people is to record yourself (audio or video) both when rehearsing and in the event itself. That way, you get to see if your pauses are really as long as they felt!

    It’s worth the focus: Pausing really is one of the key techniques to improve any speaker’s technique.

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