Delivery Inspiration: Sir Ken Robinson


Throughout history, great presenters had a delivery “flaw.”  Consider Barbara Walters’ rhotacism, Winston Churchill’s lisp, or Moses’s stutter (Source).  One of my favorite films on the subject is The King’s Speechan absolutely beautiful movie based on King George VI’s overcoming a stammer.

Take Sir Ken Robinson for example.  Robinson contracted polio when he was four years old, and you can see that he has difficulty walking at the beginning of the TED Talk below.


Despite Robinson’s inability to move around the stage, every other element of his delivery is flawless.  Note his strong eye contact with the audience, his meaningful facial expressions, the energy in his voice, his authentic smile, etc.

All speakers must overcome delivery challenges to become amazing presenters.  What is your greatest delivery challenge?  How are you working to overcome that obstacle?


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