Developing a Pecha Kucha: Step One


After we finish discussing the modes of persuasion tomorrow, my students and I will begin discussing organization for their Pecha Kucha presentations.  Chiara Ojeda introduced me to the PK method, and she delivered her own speech on “logolepsy” and her obsession with poetry.  Check out her tips on storyboarding a PK here.

In June, I’m delivering my first Pecha Kucha at PK Orlando.  I will be presenting on the Junior League of Greater Orlando, the volunteer organization closest to my heart.  It’s been a rough road so far for my PK because I have been so incredibly busy this month with teaching so many classes as well as finishing my year with the League and doing a few special projects for our final May meeting.  Whew!  I hope to dedicate significant time to practice starting May 26: the last day of our class this month.  Since my students only have 2 weeks to develop their PKs in my class, I know I’ll have plenty of time to put together something awesome.  Check back June 15th for the video of me presenting!

Currently, I’m on step one of planning my Pecha Kucha: storyboarding.  I’m using Keynote to storyboard my speech.  Using the “Presenter’s Notes” feature, I have separated my speech into three sections: introduction, body, and conclusion.  I’ve developed the points in my body, and I’m almost finished figuring out how I will begin and end the PK.  Here is my storyboard so far:

For those of us who can’t work visually, you can always plan your PK using alternative options.  For example, my superstar student Mallory began with a cluster and worked from her original planning process to her written, organized and structured outline.

Stay tuned next week for more updates on how my PK is coming along!

Have you ever delivered a Pecha Kucha?  How did it go?  What was your organizational process?


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