Six Ways Social Media Helps Your Presentation Resonate


Pintrest is opening up a whole new world for me.  Not only do I get to share and explore creative ideas with others, but I’ve found new books, new posters, and new ideas simply by using the social media site.  Unlike Facebook, Pintrest is actually a learning tool, and I cannot get enough of it.

For example, my students can use Pintrest when they are working on a project to pin articles and source material as well as images.  This helps them when it comes time to cite that work, and I find Pintrest to be a much more organized way to research and prepare for a presentation.

Today, while browsing Pintrest, I found this gem:


What great Pintrest finds have you stumbled across this week?

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6 thoughts on “Six Ways Social Media Helps Your Presentation Resonate

    • Who are “you guys” ?

      The point of the diagram is to show how to create audience-centered social media content using Nancy Duarte’s Resonate structure. Have you ever read her book?

    • Hey Peter, Wow! I’m so happy you found some inspiration… Pintrest is really just such a great tool for research and data collection. It’s a grad student’s dream :) Let me know if you still require an invitation to join Pintrest. I can send you one. Thanks, Alex

  1. Hmmm, I had to set up a pinterest account for one of my grad classes, but haven’t really fell in love with it. I’m about to start my final thesis and will be spending the next year doing research. I hadn’t thought about pinterest for this. I might just have to check it out.
    Thanks for the info, I’ll see how this can help in my grad studies.

    • Thank you for your comment! I hope you will find it useful. Please let me know how it goes when you begin utilizing it for your research in those graduate classes. Best, Alex

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