Solitary Sundays


My superstudents in May Professional Communication and Presentation have really been inspiring me this month.  One particular amazing soul, Skye, presented her PechaKucha on replacing all that social media/texting/telephone communication with some good old fashioned face-to-face time.  Skye’s PK along with my recent studies/obsession with Sherry Turkle combined to lead me to my current experiment: Solitary Sundays.

I no longer have Facebook (see “My Year Without Facebook”), and eliminating that distraction has done wonders for my productivity and my overall quality of life.  Solitary Sundays will push those same boundaries a bit.  I plan, every Sunday from now on, to spend an entire 24 hours without social media, without texting or talking on the phone, and without watching TV or movies.  Solitary Sundays will be about reconnecting with myself, getting work done, reading, working out, and spending time with loved ones without the distractions of technology.

While I did want to do a whole “no computer/no telephone” ban, realistically, I do a lot of work on Sundays.  I grade work from my online classes and catch up on emails and late student submissions.  I also spend a lot of time developing projects… for example, these 3 videos I’m working on for the JLGO end-of-the-year May GMM have to be finished this Sunday.  Maybe I’ll work toward the “no computer/no telephone” goal; for now, here are my Solitary Sunday plans:

1) No texting, no talking on the telephone.  My phone will go in my purse for the weekend.  I will answer telephone calls only in the event of an absolute emergency.  And I’ll know it’s an emergency because the caller will also be blowing up my husband’s phone…

2) No social media.  I won’t use Twitter or Pintrest on Sundays.  Since I eliminated Facebook, I think the “no social media” will be the easiest part of this challenge.

3) No television or movies.  We, thankfully, got rid of cable about 3 years ago, but I do have Netflix.  I will no longer spend time watching reruns of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.  My biggest movie time is before bed.  I will no longer watch movies to fall asleep on Sunday evenings.

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So what in the world will I do with all of myself during Solitary Sunday time?

Well, I’m so glad you asked.  I want to spend more time actually being productive.  For me, “productive” means grading (of course), reading, writing/blogging, working out, running, working in the garden, working on my class, and spending in-person quality time with my loved ones.

How will Solitary Sundays help me with my long-term goals?

I want to run a 10K and then a half-marathon as soon as I’m ready.  The more time I put in running on Sundays, the more quickly I can meet this goal.

I want to read more fiction.  I have plenty of time to read nonfiction to help me continue to develop as a superteacher and to improve my class.  I want to get back to reading for fun.

I want to spend more time writing for Creating Communication.

I want to spend more time communicating with people in person and less time through Twitter and the telephone.  Meaningful relationships take time and effort, and I’d rather be brunching than texting.

A special thank you to Skye and to Sherry Turkle for inspiring Solitary Sundays!  Will you join me?


3 thoughts on “Solitary Sundays

    • I take that challenge Alex, and and for the next few weeks will be joining you. My Partner has been trying to place a Sunday digital-devices ban on me for some time, so will be delighted!

      Going to read your FaceBook blog as well. This is one where I would definitely like to join. Snag is that so many great bloggers have linked their blogs to FB, and to keep in touch one has to unwillingly use FB. Have you found any difficulties with this?

      • Hey Peter, Your partner is right… It’s time for that digital device ban :) I’m so happy you are joining me. Let’s document our Solitary Sunday journey. Do you think it’s a good thing or a bad thing that we’re starting this during Memorial Weekend?

        Since I don’t have FB, I can’t really best answer this question. I use Twitter and email…

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