How To Use Compfight


Compfight is a Flickr search engine, and it is the best place to find images to use in a visual presentation.  When I tell my students this, some brush it off as merely a suggestion.  I’m about to make using Compfight mandatory because if I see one more teeny, tiny image with a watermark across it or one more Schoolyard Bully animated gif, I’m going to hurl myself off a tall building in Downtown Orlando.

While I don’t understand why anyone would want to use Google images in the first place (blegh!), I understand that it is easier because for most of us, it’s more familiar.  However, strong and creative visual design can’t come from this old routine.  It’s time to break free from Google images and begin using Compfight.

Please watch this short demo on how to search and save images using Compfight:

Top 5 Reasons to Use Compfight:

1.  Google images are lazy.  Don’t be a Slide Sloth.

2.  Compfight allows you to find large images.  Since a slide is 1024×768, you most likely want to search for and use these large images in your visual presentation.

3.  Compfight is a Flickr search engine.  Flickr users are either professional or budding photographers; they generally know what they’re doing.  Google images, on the other hand, is a free-for-all.  Don’t mistake quality for quantity.  Google images may turn up more in a search, but Compfight has the quality.

4.  Compfight images are beautiful and unique.  If you’re searching Google images, chances are, you and 9,000,000 other people are using the exact same image of the “thumbs up” sign.  Compfight allows your visual presentation to stand out in a good way.

5.  Google doesn’t allow you to search by license.  You’re likely stealing an image (known as plagiarism) from an artist or company, and it’s very difficult in Google images to track down the image license.  Compfight allows you to search “Commercial” or “Creative Commons.”  To learn more about what kinds of images you should be using for your line of work, please click here.

Did I convert you to Compfight yet?


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