Solitary Sunday #1


My very first Solitary Sunday wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be!

I slipped up, of course.  I texted my childhood best friend Melissa on Sunday morning when she asked me to send her my number after getting a new phone.  I peeked at Twitter on Sunday evening.  I turned on and watched a single episode of Law & Order SVU on Netflix while making lunch.  However, as a whole, I did a pretty good job with following through with my goals for Solitary Sunday.  I give myself a 7/10.

I didn’t text my friend Chiara who, in our typical fashion, blew up my phone with texts this AM.  I usually blow her up right back.  This is the person I talk to the most throughout the day, my colleague and fellow workaholic, and my dearest Orlando friend.  She’s the first person I text in the morning and the last person I text at night.  It was difficult to ignore her texts.  I just knew they were there without even looking at my phone (which I did a great job of leaving in my purse after texting Melissa in the morning).

Funnily enough, I was able to ignore the other texts I received throughout the day.  Since the Facebook deactivation, I must admit, I’ve gotten significantly better about not checking my phone every 30 minutes.

I really related to a Harvard Business Review article I read this weekend by Peter Bregman.  Bregman writes, “The world is moving fast and it’s only getting faster. So much technology. So much information. So much to understand, to think about, to react to” (Source).  This is one of the biggest reasons why I began the Solitary Sunday project.  It isn’t healthy to spend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week plugged in and dealing with information overload.  While one day off might not change very much, it was certainly refreshing.

So what exactly did I do on Sunday?


First, I cleaned my entire house.  Vacuuming, mopping, scrubbing, polishing, wiping… I deep cleaned the refrigerator for the first time since we bought the house.  This house is spotless, and it needed the TLC.  If I am able to do this good a cleaning every Sunday, I will be much happier (and my husband will be less asthmatic) living with our furry, four-legged children Sparks, Lily, and Sailor.

Second, I worked on my fitness.  With Tropical Storm Beryl looming, it rained a little, but I was able to get in a solid 4-mile run.  I need to keep building up long runs on Sunday so I can accomplish this 10K goal I’ve set for myself.

Third, I graded and re-read Resonate for the third time.  I had quite a bit of late student work to catch up on; some student questions to attend to; and, of course, some reading for the launch of Resonate as the new class textbook in July.

Bregman says, “So we try to speed up to match the pace of the action around us. We stay up until 3 am trying to answer all our emails. We twitter, we facebook, and we link-in. We scan news websites wanting to make sure we stay up to date on the latest updates. And we salivate each time we hear the beep or vibration of a new text message” (Source).  It was nice to spend my Sunday accomplishing instead of wasting time.  It was even nicer to slow down, to relax, to rest from the overstimulation that comes along with my technology-saturated life.  Bregman agrees.  He argues, “The speed with which information hurtles towards us is unavoidable (and it’s getting worse). But trying to catch it all is counterproductive. The faster the waves come, the more deliberately we need to navigate. Otherwise we’ll get tossed around like so many particles of sand, scattered to oblivion. Never before has it been so important to be grounded and intentional and to know what’s important” (Source).

So, what, exactly, is important in my life?  These are the types of questions I want to spend my Solitary Sundays answering.  My goal is to spend my time prioritizing, growing, and learning from the silence of being mostly technology-less.  I would love to go completely phone, television, and computer free on Sundays, so this might be a goal after a few months of the Solitary Sunday project… Imagine that!

And to assuage your fears: I don’t plan to spend every Solitary Sunday literally alone in my house.  This much-needed day of rest and relaxation by myself was necessary after this month of working very, very long 6-day workweeks.  Next Sunday, my goal is to do something fun and technology-free 100% outside of the house.  Perhaps it’s time for a much-needed beach day with the BFFs…

Did you participate in Solitary Sunday?  How did you do?


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