Currently Reading…


It’s always a brighter day when I come home and find those beautiful blue library packages on my doorstep. Since Tropical Storm Beryl brought in lots of rain for Central Florida this week, I am also thankful the library uses rain-resistant sleeves when delivering books.

Here’s what I’ll be reading this weekend:

The Accidental Creative: How To Be Brilliant At A Moment’s Notice by Todd Henry.  Since this book has a quote from Seth Godin referencing my favorite book of Godin’s, Linchpin, I decided to check it out.  Henry’s book is about the creative process and developing habits to promote creativity and enhance creative output.  When I was browsing the reviews on Amazon, I noticed that many reviewers praised this book for working across careers for anyone who creates for a living.  I can’t wait to dive in!

The Secret Language of Leadership by Stephen Denning has a subtitle that hooked me: How Leaders Inspire Action Through Narrative.  After re-reading Resonate again last week, Duarte has me wholeheartedly convinced on the power of storytelling and narrative to transform presentations and educational experiences.  I’m hoping this book will allow me to be a stronger public speaker, lecturer, and teacher for my students by mastering the art of the narrative.

Tom Kelley’s The Art of Innovation with Jonatahn Littman is surprisingly heavy!  Its glossy pages make me wonder if this was designed to be a class textbook… I decided to check out this book after watching David Kelley’s TED Talk on building creative confidence.  David Kelley is the founder and chairman of IDEO while brother Tom is IDEO’s general manager.  I look forward to learning more about the IDEO company while reading more about design and innovation.

I stumbled upon Martin Seligman’s Learned Optimism by accident while researching for the fourth installment in my superteachers series: an argument that superteachers must be optimistic.  I decided it was important to teach others how to be optimistic if this wasn’t an inherent trait, and I found Seligman’s text quickly after determining my path for that future blog post…

Brain Rules by John Medina was the final book on my doorstep.  Garr Reynolds introduced me to this book with a 2008 blog post called “Brain rules for PowerPoint & Keynote presenters.”  I’m convinced learning more about the brain can help me explain visual design and visual presentation in a way that connects with and is accepted by a wider audience.

What books are you reading this weekend?


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