Currently Reading… The Accidental Creative


To be honest, I wasn’t enjoying The Accidental Creative: How To Be Brilliant at a Moment’s Notice by Todd Henry.  On my second Solitary Sunday, I read the first 50 pages in the morning while cuddling with Lily and Sailor, and by 10:30 AM, I was at the office finishing up last month’s grading.  I told Chiara, my fellow workaholic soulmate, that I wasn’t liking the book so far, and she told me I was much more patient with books than she was.  That afternoon, I did almost give up reading it altogether.  Thankfully, Solitary Sunday #2 gave me a wonderful gift: Part 2 of The Accidental Creative.

Part 1 was pretty worthless to me.  I understand it’s an introduction.  I didn’t learn anything new.  The second I began reading Part 2: Creative Rhythm, I was mesmerized.

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Todd Henry talks about something he calls “The Ping.”  This is the little voice inside your head telling you to check your social media, to look at your email, to do something other than focus 100% on the task at hand.  We’re all guilty of this, and Henry claims “The Ping” is making us completely unable to focus, to work, or to be creative.  “The Ping” is robbing my day of precious time that I could be spending on much more important things, and this is the primary reason why I decided to begin my Solitary Sunday project.

Henry’s examination of “The Ping” fit in so perfectly with my second Solitary Saturday that I felt divine intervention; reading that part of the book while exploring an entire day without social media, television, and telephone communication was like a lightening strike of insight.  On page 78 of his book, Henry asks us to make deliberate choices to eliminate “The Ping” from our daily lives.  Will you join me on my Solitary Sunday project?  If not, how can you work to be more productive and creative by eliminating the pull of “The Ping” from your life?

… and yes, I am still reading The Accidental Creative and enjoying it much, much more!  Full review to come later this week when I’ve finished.


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