In The News… The Nancy Duarte Conference Call


If you’ve read a post or two on Creating Communication, you know that I greatly admire/semi-stalk Nancy Duarte.  She is one of my heroes… a person I constantly study and truly look up to.  I aspire to be like her – a powerful female who owns her own business; an author and creative thinker; a visionary and leader in the presentation revolution.

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I was first introduced to Nancy Duarte two years ago.  Our Professional Communication and Presentation students used Nancy Duarte’s Slide:ology up until Summer 2012, and we currently use Resonate.  After switching to the new textbook, the Program Director for Undergraduate Studies suggested we ask if Duarte would be willing to talk with our students and faculty Skype interview-style or even possibly swing by Orlando for a campus visit.  When I found out I was going to be participating in a conference call with Duarte to talk about the possibility of said interview or campus visit, I almost had a heart attack.  Imagine being told you’re going to speak to your favorite celebrity.  How do you prepare for that?  I’ve had the kid on Christmas morning feeling for the past month!

So the conference call happened this morning.  Nancy Duarte was definitely everything you can imagine from watching her TED Talk or YouTube channel.  She is kind, funny, warm, and generous with both her time and her resources.  Throughout the 20-minute call, I tried to keep it together, but the excitement and happiness inside me during the call almost bubbled over quite a few times.  I wanted to scream, so instead, I barely said a word while on the conference call.  I felt nervous, giddy, and starstruck.  Thank goodness for Mr. Matt Gilhooly!

Speaking to Nancy Duarte was a wonderful experience.  Not only did she share a few exclusive newsworthy items with us, but she was also kind enough to offer to speak to the Professional Communication and Presentation class at the end of August.  I now have two months to work myself into a frenzy over conducting a live Nancy Duarte Skype interview… Single most important day of my entire life.

If you had the opportunity, what questions would you ask Nancy Duarte?


3 thoughts on “In The News… The Nancy Duarte Conference Call

  1. My question for Nancy would be:

    “What’s it like to be given the silent treatment by Alex Rister?”

    Just kidding :-) Indeed Nancy is cool and talented, but so are you. Time will come when people will be starstruck talking to you too!


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