Image of the Day: Happy Fourth of July!


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Happy Fourth of July!  Independence Day is my husband’s favorite holiday because it involves so many of his favorite things: boating and being on the water, scalding hot Florida weather, good ole American food, and cold beer.  Since he wanted to go back to our hometown to celebrate the Fourth with his family and close friends, my mom came to visit for the week.  We have been having the best time, and today, we gardened for seven straight hours.  We started with a brand new bed beside the driveway/sidewalk; improved and expanded the bed in the front yard; added to the shade garden on the side/back yard; and transplanted a few big items to better places.  After shoveling, planting, digging, weeding, and axing (we had to hack up an enormous, ancient azalea!) since 9 AM, we are both worn out!

What are you doing for the Fourth of July?


One thought on “Image of the Day: Happy Fourth of July!

  1. It must be a day for gardening. I spent several hours pulling weeds and pruning this morning. The afternoon was a time for visiting with family. This evening I had a girls’ night out to see Magic Mike. :D

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