Chi Omega National Convention


This week, I’ll be taking a hiatus from Creating Communication… In fact, I won’t even be bringing my laptop with me when I travel to Phoenix, Arizona for the 2012 Chi Omega National Convention.


Chi Omegas at JLGO’s Harvest Hustle 5K

As Recruitment Advisor for Rollins College’s Upsilon Beta chapter, I’m excited to attend Convention for the very first time to learn recruitment strategies and best practices.  It’s also nice to have some real time off from work… Since I started teaching in Orlando nearly three years ago, I’ve only taken one computerless vacation: when I got married.  I live for my work, and I always bring it home with me with my constant reading, studying, blogging, and creating new lesson plans or coursework.

I will be return on Monday, July 16 with a lot of convention-related presentation news to share.  Let’s hope I’m not murdered by bullet points… Fingers crossed.

While I am away this week, please check out a few of my absolute favorite blogs on all things communication, public speaking, and presentation:

Duarte Blog by Duarte Designs

Ethos3’s Blog

Phil Presents by Phil Waknell

Presentation Zen by Garr Reynolds

Public Words by Nick Morgan

What great articles or blogs have you been reading lately?  Please share with me so that I can return home to some amazing reads.


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