Currently Reading… Imagine


My husband always says that my patience is my finest quality… If you know me, you are laughing out loud; I certainly don’t have a single patient bone in my entire body! However, I was willing to wait weeks and even months for Imagine: How Creativity Works by Jonah Lehrer after I heard NPR first rave about it back in March.

Four months later, the library home delivered the book to my house in Orlando while I was in Phoenix for Convention. While on the phone, my husband told me I had a package from the library. Confused, because I didn’t request any books recently, I asked him to open it. Lo and behold, it was Imagine! It was finally my turn after going through a waiting list of 20-something readers. Of course, my patience worked overtime as I waited an additional three days to get home and read the darn thing.

Imagine has definitely been an interesting read so far. I enjoyed Chapter One on insight and how creativity relies on that “Ah ha!” moment. Titled “Bob Dylan’s Brain,” Lehrer covers a bit of neuroscience while also telling the story of Dylan’s creative process for “Like A Rolling Stone” (learn more here).  This exhausting but fulfilling process is explained very well, and as a creative type, I identify with the lows, those moments of frustration and loss, as well as the highs, those lightbulb moments of brilliance.

The first chapter reminds me a lot of Elizabeth Gilbert’s TED Talk on how we should view creativity.  Watch it here:


I’ll be sure to post my review of Imagine next week when I am finished.

What great books have you been reading lately?


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