Solitary Sunday #5ish


With traveling and visits from family lately, my Solitary Sunday project has gotten a little off track. However, I’m truly committed to a productive lifestyle, and this Sunday marks the return of the official one-day-a-week social media/television/telephone hiatus.

Today, I woke up early for a run, gardened and cleaned the house, took care of a mountain of grading, and watched The Dark Knight Rises with my husband. And it’s only 5:00!

Recently, even without officially participating in Solitary Sundays, I’ve been noticing my productivity levels skyrocketing. The week before Phoenix, I finally got my workout routine figured out. Since 100 degree Florida summertime isn’t conducive to running, I began waking up early to get a 3 or 4 miler in before work. This simple change helped me with many of my health and wellness issues.

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First, I’ve been eating breakfast (a meal I typically skip) because the AM run jumpstarts my metabolism. A typical day for me includes skipping breakfast and forgetting to eat lunch only to crash at the end of the afternoon. Now, I’m eating when I need to, and it’s helped me feel so much better and, in turn, work so much harder.

The second valuable thing I’ve seen lately are increased energy levels leading to more productivity. Running in the morning makes me feel alive, awake, and alert. I get more accomplished throughout the day because I feel better. Too, I have more energy to add in yoga or weights in the afternoon.

Third, and most importantly, I’ve really worked to surround myself with other productive people. The friends I talk to the most and the people I spend my days and evenings with are committed to working hard, setting goals, and getting things done. I’ve noticed how many people (students, co-workers, friends, team members) complain, procrastinate, and make excuses. “I’d present a better speech if I had more time.” “I’d love my life so much more if I had a better job.” “I’d work harder if…” “I’d do more if…”  Productivity, health, and happiness are lifestyle choices. You can make the decision to live well. All it takes is a little willpower. Or, of course, you can continue being worthless.

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It’s been said that it takes 66 days to form a habit. That means if you focus on being productive only one day a week, it will take more than a year for that habit to stick. Can you do it all at once? Try a Facebook fast for 66 days! I’m happily more than one year Facebook-free, and not a day goes by that I say, “Man, I sure do wish I could waste my life away looking at some garbage on Facebook.” I’ve also lived without cable for three years, and I don’t miss a second of trash TV. My last night in Phoenix, I had the hotel room all to myself. I turned on the television to check out what I’d been missing. It made me nauseous to see what was on: garbage “news” programs based on entertainment gossip; garbage reality TV featuring women bullying one another; garbage reality TV glamorizing worthless lifestyles; and more commercials than content. I turned off the television after about 45 minutes and read instead. 99% of TV is unhealthy, and it has no role in the productive lifestyle I’ve chosen for myself.


People often marvel at how much I get done. But trust me, it’s not hard to be productive when you’ve eliminated the pointlessness from your life. So, on this 5th(ish) Solitary Sunday, I implore you to stop wasting your life away. What has Bravo TV given you? How are you learning and growing after watching the Kardashians? What has a week of sitting on the couch done to your body? What do hours a day “liking” photos on Facebook add up to? Momentarily fleeting “fun” is making you mentally and physically unhealthy. I refuse to live like that, and my anger fueled the Solitary Sunday Project. SSP may be just what you need to join me in living a more active, productive life. What could it do for you?


2 thoughts on “Solitary Sunday #5ish

  1. Just one word. Wow. It really proves how much we ‘waste’ away on irrelevancies and unproductivity. I think another thing I have noticed, personally is that we need to stop living our lives for people. I woke up one day and said to myself, what have my 600+ facebook friends added to me? Not much, after a serious analysis. Guess what, I drew only a few out(less than 10), improved on twitter and consolidated on my LinkedIn profile. The result was outstanding, my professional scope got more extensive!

    Now I tell people I am not on facebook and they are like, huhn? Yes, so I am not on facebook, shoot me! They look at me twice and when I give my reasons, they get all mushy on me, telling me how much unbalanced social media attention has made them less productive. (Oh please, spare me, will ya. Get serious with your life. Stop living for attention, for public approval. Ok, you can stop crying on my shoulder now.)

    Someone said boredom atimes is the best vehicle for creativity. Looking at that statement in depth, I realised the distant truth in it. Get away from the crowd!

    Listen Alex, you just reached out to one more person today. Me. I hope my big sis’s addiction case with the Kardashians might not need rehab though. LOL.

    Thank You!

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