If you’re curious about where to discover new blogs and to read interesting articles on public speaking and presentation, it’s time to check out Speaking.Alltop.com.  Guy Kawasaki and 2 friends run a company called Nononina, and Nononina owns Alltop, which is divided into quite a few categories (my favorites are Speaking.Alltop, Leadership.Alltop, and Design-Thinking.Alltop).

Speaking.Alltop.com gives you all the top public speaking news in one place.


Blogs aren’t arranged in any particular order, but you can see the top five article titles published on a blog.  This allows you to see what kind of public speaking and presentation content is being written about on a specific blog, and it helps you find what you are looking for AND discover great new ideas.

Some of the top blogs featured on the site include Ethos3, Duarte’s Blog, Presentation Zen, Six Minutes, and TED among many, many others.

What great new public speaking and presentation blogs have you discovered lately?



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