Advice: Wise Words from Jeff Haden


Jeff Haden has been all over my blog this week!  I recently read “9 Beliefs of Remarkably Successful People” on Inc., and while the entire article is worth reading, his ninth and final tip really stuck out to me.  Haden advises:

9. The extra mile is a vast, unpopulated wasteland.

Everyone says they go the extra mile. Almost no one actually does. Most people who go there think, “Wait… no one else is here… why am I doing this?” and leave, never to return.

That’s why the extra mile is such a lonely place.

That’s also why the extra mile is a place filled with opportunities.

Be early. Stay late. Make the extra phone call. Send the extra email. Do the extra research. Help a customer unload or unpack a shipment. Don’t wait to be asked; offer. Don’t just tell employees what to do–show them what to do and work beside them.

Every time you do something, think of one extra thing you can do–especially if other people aren’t doing that one thing. Sure, it’s hard.

But that’s what will make you different.

And over time, that’s what will make you incredibly successful” (Source).

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Tomorrow, on Sunday, when I go to the office and am one of two people working in the entire Liberal Arts Department, I’m going to print out a hard copy of Haden’s quote and put it on my desk so that I can see it each time I’m in the office alone.  And then I will vow to stay another hour in the office and to keep going the extra mile because it’s worth it.

Are you going the extra mile?  If not, then what ARE you doing?


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