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When I got home from our monthly department meeting on Thursday, I found two bright blue packages on my doorstep, and when I opened them, I was excited to see two books I’ve been waiting on for weeks now: Alone Together and Becoming A Graphic Designer.

I originally watched Sherry Turkle’s TED Talk back in May, and I’ve been excited to read the book upon which her TED  Talk was based.  It’s called Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other.  Though I haven’t yet finished the first chapter, I am already thrilled with this book.  Turkle is an amazing writer, and her ideas about social media and technology really pushed me over these past few months to change my lifestyle.

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The second book I requested is called Becoming a Graphic Designer by Steven Heller and Teresa Fernandes.  It’s essentially a survey of the graphic design market, and I wanted to read it because I am obsessed with learning how to tell a story using the visual medium.  When I earned my first B.A. and M.A. degrees in English, it was because I was obsessed with story; literature and communicating through the written word was my whole world.  Since graduating in 2008, however, I’ve realized I have so much more to learn about story and communication.  After nearly three years and hundreds of hours of self-study, I’m returning to school for a second M.A. in Interpersonal Communication so I can feel as accomplished in the area of story and communication through the verbal medium: speech and conversation.  After I finish the second M.A., I’ll set my sights on storytelling and communication through visuals; a degree in graphic design is most certainly in my future.  My goal is to be an accomplished storyteller and communicator across all mediums and in both academia and the business world.

I stumbled across an amazing quote last week while perusing Pinterest.  It’s by fellow Chi Omega sister and Southerner Harper Lee.  Lee says, “The book to read is not the one that thinks for you but the one which makes you think.”

What have you been reading lately?  Are your book choices pushing you to be a stronger person?


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