Currently Reading… How To Be A Presentation God


Since I learned about Ethos3 last year, I’ve been a superfan.  Not only do they post amazing articles on their blog about all things public speaking and presentation, but they also design gorgeous slideshows.  Check out their most recent stuff on Slideshare here.  And how can you not love that description?

“Stop! Please don’t present those bullet point ravaged slides. We’re here to save you from yourself. Hand them over. Seriously, give them to us. We’ll streamline and beautify your deck so your audience will be spared death by PowerPoint. We’re Ethos3, a presentation design agency in Nashville, TN. We’ve worked with some pretty huge clients, like Google, Coke and NBC. Visit our website at for more information on how we can help you change the world with your next presentation” (Source).

About a month ago, I also blogged about the company’s CEO, Scott Schwertly, and his book, How To Be A Presentation God.  Read my original post here.  Now that I re-read my own words, I agree that the post sounds like a desperate plea for a free, autographed copy of Presentation God… and Scott was generous enough to answer my prayers!

When I got home from teaching my precious angels this afternoon, I found a hardcover copy of the text in my mailbox.  And when I opened it, I was sucked in for about a half hour before I realized I needed to accomplish something on my enormous “To Do” list.

My first impression?  The book is insanely good.  Scott is a great writer, and the pages I read were funny and engaging with practical examples (Ron Burgundy!).  Characters like The Smoke Monster and O2-E reinforce textual material, and Scott shows off his design skills to prove Ethos3 definitely deserved their Slideshare “World’s Best Presentation” first place award for the business category.  I have quite a few other books to read, but this one definitely jumped to the top of the list.  You’ll have your official review posted soon.

Thanks again, Scott!


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