How Is A Backpack Like A Presentation?


Ethos3’s latest deck is called “Simplify, Simplify, Simplify.”  Check it out below:


There have been so many great presentations shared on Slideshare lately!  Luckily, I’m introduced to new decks each month when my online students analyze one Slideshare presentation of their choice for a class assignment.  In an attempt to get students thinking critically about visual communication, each selects a deck and examines how and why it follows basic principles of design.

In this particular presentation, Ethos3 draws the audience in by telling a story about a story; they retell a portion of the movie Up In The Air.  Of course, storytelling is an amazing attention-getter in any speech or presentation, but a picture of delicious George Clooney is another way to stop people in their tracks.  Thank you for that, Ethos3!

Next, the backpack is introduced.  Ethos3 first presents the backpack as it relates to the film and then ties the backpack to presentations.  The unique metaphor engages audiences because we want to understand more about this comparison.

I also love the design.  Ethos3 has a history of creating fun, engaging, beautiful presentations, and “Simplify, Simplify, Simplify” is no different.  My favorite design elements are the “cut out” images that remind me of paperdolls and the simple blue, brown, and white color scheme with the pop of red in the backpack.

What did you like best about the content or design of Ethos3’s latest Slideshare presentation?


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