Happy Birthday, Creating Communication!


This week, we celebrate Creating Communication‘s first birthday!  On September 17, 2011, I began this blog to share my passion for effective written, verbal, and visual communication with the world.  The goal was to help people understand that “communication” is far from an easy task; to be an effective communicator takes daily effort and a whole lot of hard work.  After all, you suck at PowerPoint, and your speech is toxic.  Yes, I am talking to you.

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Creating Communication is a proud member of the presentation revolution, and we seek to improve the quality of public speaking and presentation everywhere.  We are about pursuit, the word that I determined would define my 2012.  Every single day, I wake up and chase knowledge and happiness to live a more fulfilling life.  In my pursuit of growth and evolution as a person and a communicator, I strive to share what I’ve learned with you.

This was certainly a year of firsts.  I made first connection with public speaking and presentation greats such as Nancy Duarte, Phil Waknell, Ethos3’s Scott Schwertly, and Andrew Dlugan among many others.  My first Slideshare presentation become a “Top Presentation of the Day.”  I wrote my first article for Six Minutes.  I conducted my first Skype interview with Nancy Duarte and my favorite August PCP class.  This blog has only enhanced and enriched the quality of my communication and my life, and I hope it has done something for your verbal, written, and visual communication, too.

Thank you for reading and for supporting Creating Communication!  What would you like to see during our second year?

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