Creating Communication’s Year 2 Goals


Creating Communication turned one last week!  In 2012/2013, with the advice of blogging guru and Six Minutes author Andrew Dlugan, I came up with 5 goals for the CC‘s second year.  The first day of October seems like the perfect time to introduce those goals:

1.  Develop better content navigation.  Creating Communication is a bit difficult to read because of the blog model.  This is one reason why I started the “Join The Presentation Revolution” tab along the top menu of the page.  However, I do need to work to create a well-organized, effective way for readers to find exactly what they’re looking for.

2.  Include more reader questions, feedback, input, and contributions.  This question from a reader sparked a post, and I think tackling more reader questions and concerns will help Creating Communication meet the clear need for effective communication practices for the everyday communicator.  After all, “we” at CC are just one person, but we believe one person can do just as much as a company like Ethos3 or Duarte Design.

3.  Really nail down a concrete focus area.  Creating Communication needs a clear focus area.  What is CC‘s story?  What do I want people to think, believe, and feel when they read the blog?  How do I want to infuse myself into the blog?  It’s helpful to see what other bloggers do.  It’s helpful for me to see what others do on non-presentation/communication blogs.  For example, I am a big fan of Young House Love and Pink Peonies.  What can I learn from other blogs that I can apply here?  I was doing a bit of research and stumbled upon this list of 100 female bloggers this morning… How can I make sure my brand is communicated as effortlessly as these female-run blogs?

4.  Keep writing every single day, but ensure each day has a quality post.  It’s important that I post every day because I love to write and to share my inspirations with other people.  However, I do want to make certain I’m working on quality as well as quantity.

5.  Be thankful.  This blog has opened so many wonderful doors.  I’ve been able to meet and network with the modern pioneers in the field of public speaking and presentation.  Every single day that I get to share my passion and love with the world is a great day.  Even if Creating Communication isn’t perfect, I must continue to enjoy each day as I commit to growing and getting better.

What would you like to see from Creating Communication‘s second year?


One thought on “Creating Communication’s Year 2 Goals

  1. Hi Alex. I’ve enjoyed reading articles on your blog. I do have a request though: Please can you seriously consider increasing the contrast between the text and the background? Grey text on black pages is very tiring to read!
    Just an idea for you to consider as your blog enters its 2nd year… Thanks!

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