Introducing Ignite Orlando!


Chiara Ojeda and I live and breathe public speaking and presentation.  We study and learn from the current masters in the field like Nancy Duarte and Garr Reynolds; we teach the subject to college business students; we read books and articles about effective content, delivery, and visual design; we network with fellow public speakers and presentation designers; and we continuously work to introduce the presentation revolution to all we meet.  We were both very interested in becoming more involved with our local presentation community, and we inquired about Ignite Orlando.

What, exactly, is “Ignite” all about?  Its official website explains, “Ignite is a fast-paced geek event started by Brady Forrest, Technology Evangelist for O’Reilly Media, and Bre Pettis of, formerly of MAKE Magazine. Speakers are given 20 slides, each shown for 15 seconds, giving each speaker 5 minutes of fame. The first Ignite took place in Seattle in 2006, and since then the event has become an international phenomenon, with gatherings in Helsinki, Finland; Paris, France; New York, New York; and many other locations” (Source).  Click through the Slideshare deck below by Empowered Presentations to learn more:


Unlike PechaKucha (20 slides, 20 seconds per slide, 6:40 total), an Ignite event includes more than just presentations.  “Ignite has two parts: the Ignite contest, where people make things, and Ignite talks, where presenters get 20 slides and five minutes to make their point” (Source).

Chiara and I have been teaching the PK/Ignite style presentation to our students for a combined 6 years.  Together, we help students organize and develop their content and visual presentation, and we also work with them on delivery through practice.  Chiara and I have seen over 5,000 PK/Ignite student presentations; we love the fast-paced style and are obsessed with the “timed presentation” medium.  We love it so much that we wanted to work with Ignite beyond just inside the classroom.

A few weeks ago, I emailed the folks at Ignite to ask about Ignite Orlando, an organization that hadn’t shown activity in many years.  The officials at Ignite asked me to email the local Orlando organizer they had on file, but when I didn’t receive a response, Chiara and I moved forward with Operation Ignite Orlando Takeover.  And take over we did!  Ignite confirmed yesterday that Chiara and I are now the official “hosts” for Ignite Orlando.  There is no way we could be more excited about this!

Our first order of business is to transform Ignite Orlando into THE public speaking and presentation organization/event of Central Florida.  We are excited to share these exciting changes with you as they develop.  Stay tuned!


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