Amy Cuddy: Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are


In my public speaking and presentation class, we talk about how audiences perceive your body language when you are speaking.  “Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are” is a fascinating TED Talk, and social psychologist Amy Cuddy provides many engaging examples to explain nonverbal communication.  I loved her take on “power posing,” which she explains is confident nonverbal posture and communication even in those lizard brain moments, and I will definitely be able to apply this to my class in the future.


Cuddy’s TED Talk is particularly interesting with the dissection of nonverbal communication in the current presidential debates.  She says that when someone is being really powerful nonverbally that we don’t actually mirror them, we do the opposite of them (Source).  Do you think that was the case in the first presidential debate?

Now that I’ve seen this amazing TED Talk and understand how to teach powerful nonverbal communication, I’m going to add onto my “Lizard Brain” and public speaking anxiety lecture.  I can’t wait to share these messages with my students when I get back in the classroom in December!

What did you learn about body language and nonverbal communication from Cuddy’s TED Talk?


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