Top Ten TED Talks Delivered By Women


Amy Cuddy, business professor at Harvard, delivered one of my favorite new TED Talks, so I followed her on Twitter.  Yesterday, she Tweeted about a CBS News special on TED (watch the entire clip here).  Unfortunately, of all of the amazing, insightful, wonderful Talks on, CBS News didn’t use any examples from women.  In light of Cuddy’s Tweet, today, I am sharing my top ten favorite TED Talks delivered by women.

1.  Jill Bolte Taylor’s “Stroke of Insight” is an amazing example of storytelling, emotion, and passion.  She describes the experience of having a massive stroke.  Though this may be devastating for some, Jill Bolte Taylor is a brain scientist, so the event was a revelation for her.  She even brings a human brain onstage!

2.  Elizabeth Gilbert of Eat, Pray, Love fame talks about one major downfall of her literary success: following her hit book up with something else.  An author, she talks about her creative genius; however, we can all apply the advice she gives on the muse to help propel us forward on the path to creative success.  Watch “Your elusive creative genius” here.

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3.  In her TEDx Talk “Living beyond limits,” Amy Purdy describes her life after an illness that claimed both of her legs.  If her story doesn’t inspire you, nothing will!

4.  Not everyone on the TED stage enjoys giving presentations.  In “The power of introverts,” Susan Cain celebrates and empowers the introvert.  Cain is an authentic presenter who conquers her fear of public speaking to show us her intelligent, beautiful soul through her powerful message.

5.  Sherry Turkle’s “Connected, but alone?” is an important Talk for both women and men alike.  Turkle examines our current relationships through social media and modern technology, and she raises some serious questions about these online personas we’ve created for ourselves.  Ladies, is social networking positively or negatively impacting your life?  This Talk will help you to determine that answer.

6.  Nobel Peace Prize award-winning Leymah Gbowee is an activist for girls and women.  “Unlock the intelligence, passion, and greatness of girls” uses storytelling to convey Gbowee’s moving message.  This is an example of a great female leader in the world today.  Mothers, in this world of celebrity-saturated culture, please share Gbowee with your daughters as someone they can aspire to be.

7.  Adora Svitak isn’t technically a woman just yet, as she was only seven years old when she presented “What adults can learn from kids” at TED.  However, her message is as big as her her stage presence.  This Talk makes me proud that girls and young women can look to someone their own age for inspiration.

8.  Jane McGonigal has delivered two TED Talks, but my favorite is based on her book, Reality Is Broken.  The Talk is “Gaming can make a better world,” and it’s great to see a strong female figure in the male-dominated world of gaming.

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9.  Photographer Lisa Kristine uses her photos to shine a light on modern slavery in her moving TED Talk.  A picture does tell a story, and each of the images she shows depicts life around the world as a slave.

10.  Last, but not least, is Amy Cuddy herself presenting “Your body language shapes who you are.”  I love Cuddy’s engaging, natural delivery style as well as her advice on “power posing” and how to move your body to force your mind to succeed in high-stress situations such as a job interview or presentation.

What are your favorite TED Talks delivered by women?


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