Brene Brown: The Power of Vulnerability


After posting “Top Ten TED Talks Delivered By Women” yesterday, I never expected so much positive feedback from many women, and a few men, on Twitter.  It’s nice to find a community of positive, intelligent females through social networking.

Though I’ve tried, I haven’t had time to watch every female-delivered TED Talk, so my top ten list is, of course, just my opinion based on what I’ve seen so far.  Happily, I got some great feedback Tweets on other amazing TED Talks by women.  Whitney Johnson, a TEDx speaker herself, recommended Brene Brown’s “The power of vulnerability,” and after watching it, I have to tack Brown’s Talk onto yesterday’s list.  It is tremendous.  Watch it below:


Thank you to all of the powerful TED women presenters!  You inspire me and so many other people around the world with your ideas, your stories, and your courage to be who you are on the TED stage.

Of course, now I have to watch Johnson’s TEDx Talk… It’s up next on my “To Watch” list!  Learn more about Whitney Johnson here, and watch her TED Talk before I do here.

Do you have any other amazing female-delivered TED Talks to share?  I’d love to watch your favorite!


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