For Superteachers


As you might have already noticed, this week, Creating Communication added a new section to the top of the menu bar – “For Superteachers.”

These section will compile resources, good reads, and good advice for anyone who wants to become a superteacher.  What exactly IS a superteacher?  Click here to learn more.

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I’ve found that many of my past and present colleagues enjoy writing or reading or communication, but they don’t enjoy teaching.  I’ve found that many of my undergrad and grad school teachers enjoy research or a specific field of study, but they don’t enjoy teaching.  Why is this?  Why do university systems value the academic papers or the published books of a teacher but place so little emphasis on teaching others?  Why is teaching so undervalued or, in many cases, hated?

Since I live for teaching, I try to surround myself with people who are passionate about both teaching and learning.  Luckily, at every college I’ve ever worked, I’ve found strong mentors who also live and breathe not only their subject matter but also teaching others.  These amazing men and women have helped push me from “teacher” to “superteacher,” and I hope all educators can find similar inspiration in their own lives.  The “For Superteachers” section of Creating Communication may be a great place to start finding a bit of that inspiration, and I certainly hope I can share with you some of what my mentors have taught me.


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