The Power of Happiness: A Study in Effective Design


In line with yesterday’s post on how to be happy, Slideshare’s “Top Presentation of the Day” is Andy Smith’s “The Power of Happiness.”


Based on Smith’s book with Jennifer Aaker called The Dragonfly Effect, the presentation is a great example of effective design.  Here are three reasons why I loved “The Power of Happiness” on Slideshare:

1.  The typeface was clean and simple.  I also loved the repeated white and light blue color palette.

2.  The picture superiority effect was applied for maximum impact.  You can see my favorite examples of the PSE on slides 13, 29, 38, and 48.  The repetition of the same image helped with unity and flow.

3.  The content, especially the last section focusing on story, was elegantly conveyed through visuals.  If you don’t have time to look at all 86 slides, begin with 51.  The importance of storytelling in branding and marketing is explained in such a beautiful, simple, powerful fashion.

The data display was a bit difficult to understand, so slides like 3 and 7 could use a bit of work in order to apply the three-second rule of glance media.  I also felt slide 34 could have been separated into four slides to highlight each main idea.  I LOVED slide 36.  Overall, this is a beautiful example of effective design, and I was happy to see it “featured” on Slideshare this morning.

What did you love most about the design of “The Power of Happiness?”


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