Links of the Week: Week of Nov 12-18


This week, I enjoyed so many great reads that I had to force myself to narrow them down to just three.

The first comes from Andrew Dlugan’s Six Minutes.  Audience analysis is a difficult topic to teach others, and it’s even more difficult to study and apply when building a speech.  That I’ve seen, Nancy Duarte has done the best job of explaining audience analysis and the needs of the audience in Resonate, but I really enjoyed Dlugan’s perspective.  In “Audience Analysis: A Guide for Speakers,” Dlugan breaks down demographic, psychological, and contextual analysis.  So often, we think we’ve successfully analyzed our audience… My students, especially, think they’ve done their job as far as audience analysis goes if they know their audience’s age, gender, and race.  As Dlugan’s article points out, if done properly, audience analysis is so much more than that.

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My second favorite article this week was written by Angela DeFinis.  She is one of my favorite public speaking and presentation experts to follow on Twitter because she ONLY Tweets about effective communication practices.  Follow her here.

“How To Assess Your Public Speaking Comfort Level” is such a great tool for analyzing your presentation anxiety.  Knowing where you stand on the “nervous” scale and learning how to cope with those feelings is so essential on the quest to be a strong presenter.  DeFinis defines four specific categories or “levels” of comfort when presenting and asks us to see which category we relate to most.

Learn more from Chiara Ojeda’s amazing Slideshare presentation “Conquer Presentation Anxiety” here.

My third and final favorite read this week is “3 Essential TED Talks for the Presenter” by Ethos3.  In light of TED’s BILLIONTH view, these three Talks celebrate ideas worth spreading.  Ethos3 divides their 3 favorites in accordance with the presentation stool: content by Jill Bolte Taylor; design by Al Gore; and delivery by Beeban Kidron.  That got me thinking about the 3 TED Talks I’d recommend for each “leg” of the presentation stool, so look out for my upcoming post!  Thanks for the inspiration, Ethos3.

If you’re TED-obsessed like me, Tweet your favorite TED Talk using the hashtag #TEDBillion.


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