Currently Reading… The Thanksgiving Edition


My Thanksgiving break has been so wonderful!  I woke up Thanksgiving morning to run 5 miles (almost entirely uphill) with my younger and much faster brother, Max.  Thanksgiving in Tallahassee was delicious, and I ate some amazing Southern food with my dad’s and then my mom’s families.  I’ve also spent a tremendous amount of my “break” working: grading; preparing for class for next week; finishing up my Faculty Development workshop coming up this Thursday; and putting the final touches on my grad school final paper… Though a break is never really a break for a Type-A obsessed with her work, I managed to spend a little bit of down time reading:

On the to-read list for the upcoming weeks are Aesthetics by Anne Sheppard and The Nature and Aesthetics of Design by David Pye.  Though both are older books (published in the late 1980s), my goal with these two are to learn more about aesthetics so that I can improve as a presentation designer.  Graphic Design: A Problem-Solving Approach to Visual Communication by Elizabeth Resnick will also, hopefully, help me in this area.

The remaining two books are about interaction design.  Designing for Interaction by Dan Saffer and About Face 3: The Essentials of Interaction Design by Cooper, Reimann, and Cronin will help me to see how design relates to more than just presentation.  Gaining a broader sense of visual communication and design as related to websites; social media; products; apps; etc.  I can’t wait to finish all five books!

What are you reading over the Thanksgiving holiday break?


5 thoughts on “Currently Reading… The Thanksgiving Edition

  1. Alex you are too ambitious!

    Being a huge Star Wars geek, I’m always reading a Star Wars novel. This month’s is “Darth Plagueis”.

    I also started reading “Don’t Shoot The Dog”, which I’m sure you recognize as a training book.

    I just blogged on this new instructional design model – SAM – which some are touting as a replacement for ADDIE (check out my blog at Any thoughts on this?

    • Anne Sheppard’s Aesthetics is subtitled “An introduction to the philosophy of art” and is about the definition of “beauty” and the core theories of aesthetics: imitation, expression, form. It’s a great history lesson, but I have studied a lot of the theory in my previous lit grad classes (Plato, Kant, Tolstoy…), so I’m not sure if it will read quickly for everyone. After a brief overview of the theories, Sheppard examines “beauty” and the problems that stem from classifying something as “beautiful.” And that’s where I am now: Chapter 6, page 77. I’ll let you know how the rest turns out :)

      What books/articles/websites have you been reading on aesthetics? I’d love to get my hands on some additional great reads…

      • Awesome. I’ll have to add it to my list.

        I’m reading so broadly right now it’s making my head spin, but the primary guiding force in all of it is Chesterton’s The Everlasting Man. I’m actually dialoging about beauty and God and the connection therein.

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