Amy Cuddy’s Game Changers: Helping People Become More Powerful


After seeing Amy Cuddy’s TED Talk on nonverbal communication, I’ve been obsessed with her research and studies.  Today, I found a TIME video with Cuddy.  Check it out below:


This definitely gives great examples of high and low power poses and summarizes her TED Talk subject a bit.  Watch her TED Talk, “Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are,” here.  It is definitely one of my favorites, and I shared a small clip of the Talk with my Professional Communication and Presentation class as a way to combat presentation anxiety.  Power posing is definitely a trick for fighting that nervousness, and I hope it helps my students not only with speeches but also in interviews in the future.

I’ve also been following Cuddy on Twitter.  She is truly inspiring.  It’s not often that a beautiful young woman becomes successful based solely on the power of her mind and of her ideas, and I think she is such a positive role model.

Have you fallen in love with a TED speaker lately?  Which TEDster inspires you most?


2 thoughts on “Amy Cuddy’s Game Changers: Helping People Become More Powerful

  1. Outstanding! Body language obviously isn’t a new concept, and the principle of ‘being big’ is something we even see in nature. Amy Cuddy builds a bridge with the concept, though, connecting people to it. I was actually a bit frustrated by the comments people had within YouTube – so many people just didn’t get it, but they clearly didn’t pay attention to the entire message Amy was conveying.

    I love that she talks about applications of these concepts not only in interactions with other people, but before those interactions when you’re alone – like before a performance or a job interview. I can absolutely see how that contributes to one’s self confidence as they move into a new environment.

    The success or failure of our interactions with people is largely determined by the perceptions they have of us. Our own confidence level is easily perceived by others from our physical presence and other attributes. I think the suggestions Amy offers will contribute positively to anyone’s success.

    Thanks for posting this, Alex!

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