Faculty Development: Introduction to the Presentation Revolution


This morning, I delivered my first Faculty Development workshop called “Introduction to the Presentation Revolution.”  As you might recall, I’ve been working on this for quite some time.  In fact, my FacDev slides inspired me to completely reboot my first day of class slides.

In class on Wednesday, I asked my students to help me prepare for today’s workshop.  I asked them what they’d like to see teachers learn from the workshop and how they, the students, could benefit from a faculty-only workshop like this.  My students gave me some honest, thoughtful advice.  They felt that teaching teachers how to be better teachers might be problematic because of the “big egos” we professors have.  They told me not to be discouraged if the other teachers frowned upon my advice.  (Have I mentioned how much I love this class?  They’re so adorable.)  They also agreed that more teachers should join the presentation revolution so that they could have a better learning experience in the classroom.

Well, I am happy to report that the workshop was a success!  In a room that could seat 100 people, we had about 20 attendees, which was just fantastic because we could actually talk to one another.  Several attendees offered great, supportive advice about things they do in their own classroom to push their teaching and presenting into the 21st century.  A few more kind attendees talked with me afterward – and one emailed me – to express their excitement to implement some of the material we’d gone over.

Though I prepared for a whole lot of this…

… to my surprise, I didn’t feel/hear/see any negativity at all.  The faculty seemed to really embrace the presentation as a three-legged stool concept.

Thank you to all of the public speaking gurus who inspired me to share these ideas with our faculty.  We’re signing people up to join the presentation revolution one at a time! :)


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