Links of the Week: Week of Nov 26 – Dec 2


Since I began teaching Entertainment Business and Music Business students, I’ve worked to connect public speaking and presentation skills to leadership ability.  Because of that, it’s important to me to tie in elements of branding, marketing, and networking into lessons so that students understand how to apply the concepts we’re learning in the business environment.  The links of the week are two pieces I am considering using in future class lessons.

Jeff Haden is one of my favorite authors on Inc’s “Leadership” section.  His most recent article is called “2 Simple Keys to Define Your Brand” is an interview with John Parham, President and Branding Director for a branding agency.  I loved Parham’s 2 main ideas.  First, he says, it’s more important to be clear than to be clever.  I think this is a concept I can tie to slide design first and then to branding second… When we think about effective visual communication (and branding is one important form of visual communication), we must focus on simplicity as opposed to cleverness.  Parham explains that “clarity is what matters most” (Source).  Again, in the realm of slide design, a limerick on each slide may be clever, but it won’t help an audience understand your main idea… Instead of gimmicks, we must focus on communicating our ideas in a clear, simple way.


Parham’s second main idea is that, from a branding standpoint, it is better to be different than to be better.  Knowing and communicating your niche helps you stand out, Parham says.  “By focusing, you can be different. Then you can establish the credentials to support that difference. And your difference can then extend to and reflect well on the rest of your products or services” (Source).  I love these ideas, and the interview is definitely a must-read for anyone interested in branding.


Our second “article” of the week is actually a video about networking.  “Become a Master Networker: 5 Quick Tips” is a must-watch for budding entrepreneurs.  Dave Kerpen, CEO of Likeable Media, and Scott Berger, founder of the Young Entrepreneurship Council, give five great tips for networking effectively.


Watch the short, three-minute video for a dynamic presentation by first Berger, then Kerpen, then a viewer of all five networking tips.

Do branding and networking play a role in your life?  Do you think it is important to study these concepts?


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