Holiday Project: Teaching Portfolio


Over the next three weeks, my fellow faculty and I are tasked with doing one of three things: retooling our CVs; creating/updating our teaching portfolios; or establishing a professional online presence.  I really want to work on all three, so I’m going to work for the next three weeks to supplement what I already have and to improve my blog to include even more of this information.

My goal is to create a new section under “About Me” to include an online version of my teaching portfolio.  As far as the contents of a teaching portfolio, I loved this link from Washington State University and this link, the Teaching Portfolio handbook, from The Harriet W. Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning.  However, I want to include this information that I already have in print format in a visual format, but I want to do something a bit different from my Visual Resume.  I don’t yet know the shape this will take, so I’ll be spending the next few days brainstorming and thinking…

After our meeting at work, I read “5 Reasons Why Your Online Presence Will Replace Your Resume in 10 Years.”  This interesting article helps me to see and to understand why I should work now to include my professional/work information in an online environment beyond just LinkedIn.  I’m going to continue to research and study all of the information I can over the next few days before carrying out this work project.

How have you been keeping up with your CV and teaching portfolio in our 21st century, digital world?  Is your online presence as professional and comprehensive and it should be?  Do you have any suggestions for me regarding this project?


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