Communication and Presentation Goals for 2013


Though I have other personal goals for 2013, I’d like to share my six communication and presentation goals with you:

1) Continue spreading the presentation revolution to others with Faculty Development workshops in 2013.  I presented “Introduction to the Presentation Revolution” in late 2012, and I promised to keep presenting it along with specific workshops on the three “legs” of the presentation stool: 1) content; 2) delivery; and 3) visual design.

2) Revamp the live class by updating lecture material.  Though I make minor changes each month, I’d like to spend February and March retooling my lectures and incorporating new books, TED Talks, and articles into “old” material.  This will ensure that my students are learning the most up-to-date, fresh information.

3) Work hard in my Interpersonal Communication grad class; find a professor to guide an independent study either in the summer or fall; and begin thinking about a research project for the 2014 UCF Graduate Research Forum.  I have big educational goals this year!

4) Become active in the Florida Communication Association and the National Communication Association including attending conferences and learning how to present my scholarly work.  I already started working on this goal today when I signed up to review submissions for the 2013 Public Address Division at the NCA Convention.

5) After speaking with the University of Central Florida Writing Center’s Director, I’d like to help as a Writing Center consultant later in 2013.  An intensive training including a grad class helps prepare consultants, and this would help me with my current job and my future helping students with papers both at UCF and on my university’s campus.

6) Continue daily updates to Creating Communication with a strict focus on communication, presentation, and education.  I want to work on my brand and be as clear as possible about what I do, stand for, and write about.

What are your 2013 communication and presentation goals?