Daily Infographic: Wild vs. Farm


Data visualization is something I’ve been fascinated by since Chiara Ojeda introduced me to David McCandless.  Since I teach business students, it’s important that I teach them how to display information in a visual way.  McCandless emphasizes the importance of interestingness, integrity, function, and form in any infographic, so when I find an infographic that meets these four requirements, I always love to share that with you.

Visiting Daily Infographic once a week helps me to find strong, beautiful infographics.  Another great place to see data visualized is Alltop. Infographics and Data Visualization contain the top news of the week.

I found this beautiful but effective data display on wild versus cultivated salmon:



Have you seen any well-designed infographics this week?


2 thoughts on “Daily Infographic: Wild vs. Farm

  1. These data visualizations are fantastic! They are creative, visually appealing, tell a story, and compel the viewer to look through all the information. It’s a very appealing way to display information, and although it’s static it almost appears dynamic. It’s a measure of creativity that I would struggle to achieve, myself, but would have fun trying!

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