The Science of Persuasion


Thanks so much to Steve Cherches who recommended “The Science of Persuasion” after reading today’s “Links of the Week.”  Check out the video below:


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Links of the Week: 2013.02


Today, our “Links of the Week” all relate to public speaking and presentation.  From Nancy Duarte’s blog, we have six tips on overcoming presentation anxiety.  From Brain Pickings by Maria Popova, we learn how to give a great presentation with tips from an adman.  The Wall Street Journal shares “The Science of Persuading People,” an important skill to know when delivering a persuasive message.  Lastly, an article recommending five public speaking books kicks off your 2013 reading list.

First, Nancy Duarte’s blog, “Stop That Stutter: 6 Steps To Overcome Presentation Performance Anxiety” teaches us to 1) visualize something positive, 2) get familiar, 3) rehearse x3, 4) take a deep breath, 5) pace yourself, and 6) get some sleep (Source).  Author Mark Heaps explains each step and offers great advice for tackling your presentation anxiety using a multifaceted approach.

One of my favorite websites is Brain Pickings by Maria Popova.  “How To Give a Great Presentation: Timeless Advice from a Legendary Adman” gives a step-by-step plan on how to organize an effective speech and examines the qualities of speeches that make a point.  The final piece of timeless advice Popova shares is this:

“The most effective speeches and presentations sound as if they have been spoken, ad-lib, and not written down at all. Great presenters and speakers make it all sound so easy and so natural that one assumes it just pours out of them. It almost never does” (Source).

The Wall Street Journal published “The Science Behind Persuading People” by Parminder Bahra.  This article is a must-read if you deliver persuasive presentations.  With advice on consensus messaging and reciprocity, Bahra’s article contains this fantastic quote, “‘Influence isn’t an art,’ says Mr. Martin, ‘there’s over 60 years of research and evidence that shows how we can effectively move people. My advice would be to learn the science'” (Source).  The article will definitely help you begin to learn that science.

Finally, “Five Great Books for Public Speaking to Help You Rock The Podium in 2013” contains new additions to your reading list.  I’ve only read Nancy Duarte’s HBR Guide To Persuasive Presentations from the list, so I’m excited to dive into the other four books this year.

What great public speaking articles did you stumble upon this week?