My Big Scott Berkun News…


Andrew Dlugan posted my eye contact myths article on his website today, and within moments, the man himself, Scott Berkun, left a comment:



Yes, my public speaking and presentation nerd-dom has officially been solidified because with this comment, my life is now complete. *Sigh*

To read the article, Berkun’s comment, and my reply, click here.

Guest Post For Six Minutes


Working with Andrew Dlugan is a writer’s dream.  He is an amazing editor, and his encouragement and mentorship has meant a lot to me over the past six months.  I worked with Dlugan on two previous articles for his blog, Six Minutes.  These articles included “10 Presentation Habits My Students – And You – Must UN-Learn” and “What Is An Ignite Presentation, and Why Should You Try It?”  My most recent article is on eye contact myths.


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Read “3 Eye Contact Myths… and How To Avoid Them” here.

Do you guest write for blogs other than your own?  Where has your work been published?