Conor Neill’s TED-Ed Lesson on Persuasion


Last week, superteacher Conor Neill emailed me to share the TED-Ed lesson he created.  On Monday, the lesson on persuasion finally debuted on the TED-Ed website:


Conor’s email was as follows:

“I wrote ‘Give a TED Talk’ on my bucket list 4 years ago.  Today, I feel happy to see the idea come to fruition.  It is not a TED Talk per-se… but in my mind, it is almost better because it is a lesson from my class on a concept that is very important today.  We are increasingly overloaded with information, but we need to be more and more careful about how we trust this information.  We want to connect to the meaning BEHIND the information.  As the lesson says, ‘ethos and pathos are missing.’

Check out the video and help me share the message!  Leadership today takes much more than finding the idea.  Thank you, Conor.”

The entire TED-Ed lesson, including the video, further resources, and a quiz, can be found on the TED-Ed website here.

And if you enjoyed Conor’s lesson, you’ll also love the video Steve Cherches shared with me over the weekend.  Watch “The Science of Persuasion” here.

Please help me share superteacher Conor Neill’s amazing lesson on persuasion!