Links of the Week: 2013.04


This week has been incredibly busy with work, with my husband’s broken hand, with advising three days (and long nights) of sorority recruitment at Rollins College, and with my stress-induced sickness.  Luckily, I still found plenty of time to read some amazing articles about public speaking and presentation that I’d like to share in the fourth installment of “Links of the Week” in 2013.


In “6 Ways to Enhance Your Credibility,” Geoffrey James advises us how to be more authentic and natural so that we can connect with others.  These tips work well in business, advertising, marketing, and public speaking.  James suggests that we communicate our genuine selves with others; that we know our own value and what we can provide others; and that we develop insights based on research and analysis (Source).  My favorite tip, which is also a Duarte must-do, is to be a catalyst as opposed to a hero (Source).  Read James’ article in its entirety here.

“How To Be A Super-Achiever” explains ten qualities that a leader must possess.  From dedication and persistence to good storytelling, Jenna Goudreau references the book The Art of Doing: How Super Achievers Do What They Do and How They Do It So Well by Sweeney and Gosfield.  I definitely added the book to my must-read list after reading Goudreau’s article and watching the book trailer:


What great articles did you read this week?