Trends In Interactive Design


After spending the month of January focused on the seven rules of effective visual design, let’s check out a beautiful Slideshare “Top Presentations of the Day” and how it embodies those seven rules…


I love “Trends in Interactive Design” because of its alignment with the first rule: Slides Are Not Documents.  Prophets Agency, a Belgium-based advertising/marketing/PR company, first focused on treating the slides as slides as opposed to documents.  As such, the visual presentation isn’t text-heavy and doesn’t include bullets.  Take a look at Slides #11, 30, and 116… These slides are as texy-heavy as the slideshow gets!

“Trends in Interactive Design” follows the second rule of visual design and applies the picture siperiority effect.  Large, clear, beautiful images are the primary focus along with a small bit of text to help emphasize the main point.  Though some slides are busy because of the enormous amount of color, the combination of strong images and a little bit of text helps the audience process the slide quickly and easily.

Clearly, Prophets Agency knows the importance of the third rule: slides should be simple.  The designer focuses on one main idea per slide… because of this, the deck contains 147 total slides!  The deck definitely applies the three second rule of glance media and treats the slides as glance media.

Fourth, “Trends in Interactive Design” embodies rule number four because the deck is definitely unified.  For example, check out the repeated shapes, colors, and fonts on slides like 4, 8, and 15.  Then check out the second set of repeated shapes, colors, and fonts on slides like 2, 5, and 6.  The deck is well organized and highly structured because of the focus on unity and flow.

When it comes to data and multimedia, “Trends in Interactive Design” gets it right.  Last, but not least, the deck applies the seventh rule of effective visual design because the focus is clearly on engaging and empowering the audience.

Have you come across any Slideshare presentations that embody the seven rules of effective slide design this week?


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