7 Rules for Creating Effective Slides


Last month, I designed a new deck of slides to teach my students 7 key rules for creating effective slides.  I finally uploaded the deck to Slideshare:


To learn about each rule in greater detail, see each rule’s specific post from January 2013.  Read rule number one: Slides Are Not Documents; rule number two: Apply The Picture Superiority Effect; rule number three: Slides Should Be Simple; rule number four: Slides Must Have Unity; rule number five: Display Data Clearly; rule number six: Use Multimedia Wisely; and rule number seven: Don’t Forget Your Audience.

What rules do you think are most important in slide design?


6 thoughts on “7 Rules for Creating Effective Slides

  1. Hi, awesome presentation ! I’ve learned a lot thanks !!
    I’m particularly interested by your “custom template” and “font” part you mentioned in it. Could it be possible to download your custom template for that “course” ?

  2. Jaime

    Hi Alex, very interesting, I learnt a lot from this presentation. I am interested in using old school photos such as the ones in your slides, any easy way to find them? like the images and illustrations from ads in the 50s. Thanks!

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