Links of the Week: 2013.05


This has been such a wonderful week!  I’ve been reading some amazing articles for my Interpersonal Communication graduate class, and I’ve also stumbled across some interesting articles on public speaking and presentation…


I’ve been really focused on pushing my presentation design skills to the next level in 2013, so Ethos3’s latest article was just what I needed to read this week!  “Learn By Example: Presentation Design Tips via ‘How To Use Color Wisely'” is an analysis of a Slideshare presentation.  The article explains that an Ethos3 intern created one of my favorite decks, How To Use Color Wisely, and that the slideshow is an example of effective design in many ways.  First, Ethos3 explains that this deck teaches us how to use text wisely in a slideshow (Source).  The deck is also a lesson in organization and focus; each objective is communicated clearly.  The last lesson I learned from the analysis was that I should work to play with content and design a bit more (Source).  I love that Ethos3 looks at Slideshare presentations – even their own – with a critical eye. It pushes us all to be stronger designers!

Visual literacy is an essential skill for a 21st century presenter to possess.  Garr Reynolds’ article “On The Need for Visual Literacy” is an interesting study using video from George Lucas and Martin Scorsese, two experts in multimedia.  What I love most about reading Presentation Zen is that Reynolds focuses on public speaking and presentation but also education, teaching, and training… These are subjects that are so close to my heart that I always learn something from his articles.  Reynolds has also been posting on his blog much more frequently, so I appreciate his renewed commitment to spreading his knowledge and passion with his readers.

What great articles did you read this week?


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