Two Inspirational TED Talks


My students always introduce me to new TED Talks, and last week, I was startled to watch two that absolutely blew me away.  With these two talks, female presenters Leslie Morgan Steiner and iO Tillett Wright embody the three legs of the presentation stool in different ways.

Leslie Morgan Steiner’s “Why domestic violence victims don’t leave” is a powerful presentation with a well-crafted message.  She uses story as the primary vehicle for her Talk, and I couldn’t believe how quickly 16 minutes went by.  While I felt her delivery was a bit too script-y and robotic in places, Steiner’s story is one that will stick with me for a long time.


The second Talk I watched and loved was “Fifty shades of gay” by artist iO Tillett Wright.  The message is one that resonates with me because I so strongly support equal rights; however, I felt her TED Talk’s strongest legs were her delivery and her visual story.  Wright’s speech incorporates multimedia, both slides and video, in a beautiful, well-designed fashion.  In terms of delivery, Wright speaks to the audience as naturally as she would while having lunch.  Check out the technology issue at just after the 13:00 mark.  Because she clearly practiced her speech enough to do so, Wright handles a microphone problem like a pro.


What great TED Talks have you seen lately?


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