Note & Point


This week, I learned about Note & Point, one of the best websites I’ve ever seen dedicated to well-designed visual presentations.  While I am a serious Slideshare fan, Note & Point better filters the death-by-PowerPoint to only feature elegant, exquisite slide decks.



Check out the homepage.  It features some fantastic slideshows including “How Do We Design For The Everywhere?” and “Infographics Made Easy.”  Scrolling back through older posts revealed decks from designers I know and love such as Emiland De Cubber, the folks at Slides That Rock, JesseDee, and my favorite Nancy Duarte.

Have you used Note & Point?  How would you compare and contrast Note & Point with Slideshare?  Are there any other presentation design websites I need to be following?


2 thoughts on “Note & Point

  1. Presentations are about so much more than the visuals. Although I would be first to admit to prefer style as well as substance. One of the most useful sites is Extreme Presentation Method by Andrew Abela because he shows you many other elements to be considered, such as how to handle different audience types like introverts and extroverts.

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