Kakenya Ntaiya: A girl who demanded school


This morning, I watched Kakenya Ntaiya’s “A girl who demanded school.”  You have to stop what you’re doing and watch this presentation right now.  It is one of the most powerful stories of courage and determination that I have ever heard.


As a fellow female, Ntaiya’s story makes me so unbelievably proud of what women work to overcome all over the world.  I feel angry and heartbroken by Ntaiya’s story, but I also feel so excited and optimistic about what women will continue to do my lifetime.

As a teacher, Ntaiya’s story makes me sad that so many people take their education for granted.  She says, “When I came to America, I learned that I did not have to trade part of my body to get an education” (Source).  But she did.

As a public speaker and presenter, Ntaiya’s speech resonated with me because of its use of story as the primary communication vehicle.  She could have used statistics and startling facts to promote her call to action, but her personal story and the stories of the young girls she works with helped her audience to put faces and people with the facts.

Be fearless!