Currently Reading…


November was the last “Currently Reading” post featuring books.  Since I began my new graduate class in January, I have certainly been reading… articles and book chapters.

Earlier this week, I had a short meeting with my graduate professor about my research paper for her class.  I knew I wanted to focus on the relationship between students and teachers in the online environment, but my amazing professor steered me toward a more clear focus.  For the next month, I will be researching, conducting interviews, analyzing qualitative data, and writing about how to create a dialogic experience in the online environment.


So far, I’ve been reading articles by scholars in the field.  Of my reading list of about 20 articles, I’d like to share a few favorites with you:

  • “Faculty Perceptions of Cooperative Learning and Traditional Discussion Strategies in Online Courses” by Kupczynski, Mundy, and Maxwell
  • “Creating effective student engagement in online courses: What do students find engaging?” by Dixon
  • “Implications of Online Learning: Measuring Student Satisfaction and Learning for Online and Traditional Students” by Callaway
  • “Effective Online Instruction in Higher Education” by Crawford-Ferre and Weist
  • “Transforming Online Teaching Practice: Critical Analysis of the Literature on the Roles and Competencies of Online Teachers” by Baran, Correia, and Thompson
  • “Can You See Me Now? Defining Teacher Presence in the Online Classroom Through Building a Learning Community” by Jones


Since joining the National Communication Association, I’ve also received a lot of great literature in journal and magazine form.  I’m reading Spectra Vol. 49, No. 1 from March 2013.  This special issue is focused on technology and higher education, and quite a few articles captured my attention.  “On Teaching Public Speaking Online” by Everett E. Corum was right up my alley because of my struggle to teach a presentation class in an online environment.  I am also reading Communication Education Vol. 62, No. 1 from January 2013 featuring some amazing research on student-teacher relationships as well as technology in the classroom.

If you have an interest in student-teacher communication in the online environment, or if you want to know more about a specific article, please let me know in the comments section!