Follow-Up To The Importance of Preparation


Brian Washburn of Train Like A Champion wrote a comment about today’s post, and it was too good not to share with all of you!  Brian says:

“One of the things I’ve been able to get my colleagues to agree to at work is a ‘dressed rehearsal day’ on the eve of any major meeting or conference we organize. Last year was the first year we implemented it, and it was eye opening (and a bit of a disaster) on the first go – a lot of ‘death by PPT’ and too little time to fix it. We’ve continued this dressed rehearsal habit over the course of the past year. Last week, in preparation for a major presentation in India, the dressed rehearsal went well and the 2-day meeting was phenomenal – engaging, interactive, well-rehearsed delivery.

When it comes to your high achieving students who take the time to form good presenting habits – let them know that once the grades have faded away, the true measure of success will be on the feedback they get when presenting in front of their boss or clients or other people who may reward them not with grades but rather riches and fame (or at least good job evaluations and increased opporutnities for high profile roles).”

Thanks for reading and for your AMAZING feedback, Brian!  I will pass along your wise advice to my students.


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