Be Present: Nancy Duarte


While searching for new, amazing videos on YouTube to share with my Professional Communication and Presentation class, I came across this:


It was amazing to hear some background on Nancy Duarte.  Who knew she was a preacher’s wife and moved to Silicon Valley to create a church?  Interesting!

I love watching Duarte present because she seems so excited when she speaks.  Sometimes, I find myself out of breath and moving around a lot because I am so excited and happy to speak… I see some of this in Duarte’s presentation here.

What I love most about this presentation was Duarte’s summary of the important points in her book, Resonate.  If you’ve seen her TED Talk, some of this material may be repetitive, but it’s always a good brush-up.  Every time I read Resonate or watch Duarte present on the material from Resonate, I feel like I learn something new or take away something I hadn’t previously considered.

Have you read Resonate yet?  What did you think of Nancy Duarte’s amazing book on creating effective presentation content?


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